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Meet Our Heroes!

Heroes are brave, strong people that encourage others. We are proud to introduce you to a few local heroes, and tell you their inspiring stories. Some of our heroes are young, others are old, but all have been faced with cancer and are survivors.

Offering these survivors and the many others in our lives support and encouragement is at the very core of The Heroes project. Visit and join the Heroes Facebook Group to learn more and hear the song.

Alexa Sheffield
“Each day is a blessing!”

Allen Richardson
“Hearing the ‘c’ word will make you stop and think!”


Cyndi Smith
“Some give hope and help bring you through your journey.”

Eric Dunlap
“I want to be a living example to my children.”


Jane Maran
“You can’t do it alone.”

Jim L Markham
“I decided I would not give in to cancer.”


Jonathan Garcia
“I can overcome anything that comes my way.”

Kyle Cruce
“He never slowed down.”


Mai Nguyen
“Be thankful for what you have.”

Meagan Gaultney
“I can do anything when I put my mind to it.”


Nichelle Coltrain
“This does not define my child.”

Opal Mincey-Beaver
“Life is a gift. Live it with love.”


Robin Carraway
“It made us live a better life with the time we have been given.”

Ryan Loggins
“Kids aren’t supposed to get cancer.”


Sandra Abdull-Lawrence
“Anyone can get cancer.”

Sharon Franklin
“Life is good.”


Susan Little
“This experience equipped me to help others.”

Tony Velo
“You have to trust God and just live your life.”

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